This is a story about my client, Chad.

He and his business partner, Brayon, had been toying with the idea of creating an online course for filmmakers.

They thought…

Are we qualified to do this?

Will this investment pay off?

Will anyone actually buy the course?

^As you can see…like most creatives, they have a moderate case of imposter syndrome. nbd.

They put their doubts aside and took the plunge.

Chad and Brayon enrolled in Creator’s Training in December 2020, ready to hit the ground running.


Here’s what happened next.

Within 30 days:

1) They revamped their meh sales page using my design templates to INSTANTLY upgrade their brand image

2) They overhauled their messaging using my sales scripts and closing strategies that are proven to CONVERT people in the DMs

3) They clicked ONE button to install the entire email marketing automation system that will sell courses for them in their sleep

4)They sold 20 courses (a profit of $10k) without spending a DIME on advertising

And they’re just getting started. 🚀


Chad and Braydon almost didn’t go for it.

Get this –

While they were battling the whole question of “are we good enough to make an online course,” Braydon was in the middle of a project working with the LA Lakers.

Yeah. As in the professional basketball team. Kobe Bryant. They’re kind of a big deal.

If anyone is qualified to teach filmmaking, I’d say Braydon is.

The thing is…as creators and creatives, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to be better. To hustle more. To level up. That’s how we get better at what we do, after all.

But you need to step back and recognize your own skill and talent.

There are always going to be people under you who want what you already have.

THAT’S your audience.

Chad and Braydon aren’t selling a filmmaking course to Quentin Tarantino.

But they ARE selling to dozens (soon to be hundreds) of intermediate creatives who are hungry to reach the level they’ve already attained.

If you have legit skills and experience in your niche, you are QUALIFIED to teach an online course.

Nobody’s stopping you but you.

(And if you don’t yet have the experience and skills yet…keep learning and come back in a few years!)

Book your 15 minute call right now.

Tell us about your idea.

Let’s see if this is the right move for you, right now.



How To Plan, Build, and Launch Your Own Online Course in 1 Month.

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2. How to test your course idea before spending any time.

3. How to turn complete strangers into paying customers on autopilot.

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