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Save time while growing profits, scaling your sales team, and increasing performance by letting AI sales team management & sales attribution do hard work work for you.


Why Did We Start
Sales Training?

Unique Timing

The truth is, manually editing an Excel sheet is a time-consuming and error-prone process that can hinder your ability to track performance and optimize your business.

Arbitrage Opportunity

You lack the necessary insights like who the best players on your team are, You have no idea who to fire, You have no idea why you’re not profitable.

High Demand for Sales

When sales teams don’t have access to the insights they need to do their jobs effectively, they may feel frustrated and demotivated.


Your Roadmap to Success

Kickoff Call with Your 1-1 Success Coach

Getting started with a one-on-one coach helps you hit the ground running. It’s like having a personal GPS for the journey to success in online sales.

Access to our On Demand Training Lessons

Discover the power of our On Demand Training Lessons. Learn at your own pace, gaining valuable knowledge and skills to unlock your potential for success.

Proven Sales Resources, Scripts, Templates, and Pitch Decks

Supercharge your sales with our Proven Resources. Access ready-to-use Scripts, Templates, and Pitch Decks to streamline your process, boost persuasiveness, and achieve remarkable results.

2x Weekly Sales Coaching & Role Playing Sessions in our Community

Level up your sales skills with our 2x Weekly Coaching & Role Playing Sessions in our supportive community. Boost confidence, refine techniques, and excel in a friendly and collaborative environment.

Get Your Certification Credentials in all Important Sales Skills

Certify your sales skills for career advancement. Stand out with credentials in essential sales areas and unlock new opportunities with confidence.

Get Connected with High Paying Companies & Job Opportunities

Unlock high-paying job opportunities and expand your professional network. Get connected with lucrative companies, opening doors to a rewarding career path.

Testimonials & Results

What Our Happy Clients Say About Us

Emily Fisher

I had a networking marketing “business” before joining this course. But I wasn’t seeing any results & decided to take the risk by joining this course with the goal that it would help me escape the 9-5 lifestyle. Julian has put together what I believe is the best program for those of us wanting to escape the 9-5 lifestyle. I have made $50,000+ with the skills Julian has taught me.

Jasmine Sung

I’ve made over $20k with Julian. Everyday I am grateful I no longer am working night shift as an ER Nurse. Everyday I am blessed that I don’t have to “be anywhere” at a certain time or “clock in”. Everyday I thank creators training and all the amazing friends I’ve met through this program for changing my life.

Trenton Bird

The sales skills and the guidance/mentorship that I’ve received from Julian has had a huge impact on my ability to expand and grow my own business. So whether you’re looking into creator’s training to get away from your day job OR to expand your own personal skillset to become somebody that you want to be, but you’re not sure how to get there. Creator’s training is the place to start and it will take you so far. It’s phenomenal.

Rocky Manrique

Before I started doing this course, I was an electrician. I worked long days. In the few months that I’ve been doing this, I’ve already made more money than I’ve done in a month of electrical work. 

Lyssa Scott

I made $37k in October… $45k in November… $46k in December… and $22k in January. 

Back story: I pulled money out of my 401k to do this. I was scared to invest the money. I was told I wasn’t being smart. “Never take money out of your 401k.”

I don’t think a single person who told me it would be unwise to take a withdrawal would call it unwise now.

Jason Shiigi

I’ve always been very skeptical about these people, but it is definitely not the case with Julian. I’m telling you right now that I wake up every day knowing that I can just watch the next video where Julian has everything set up for me so I can just follow that and know that what I’m striving for makes sense.

100% Guaranteed

It’s simple, once you get certified through our training we will connect you with companies looking to hire fully-remote online sales talent, so you can easily land a job that gives you freedom to work online, from home, anywhere in the world.

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