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If you’re in sales, copywriting, marketing, or social media management… We’ll help you learn & master the highest value skill of 2022. This one skill will be fun (and give you more freedom & income)!


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  • No sales experience, but an amazing attitude? No worries.
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Why Are We Offering This Opportunity?

It’s simple.

We need you.

Our main company “Creators Training” is currently flooded with extremely interested clients who want our services.

Currently we’re getting 100+ messages per day on social media from people who want to schedule calls with our US based sales team, in order to learn more about how we can help them.

In fact, we have so many messages, we can’t handle it alone anymore….

And how can you help? 

Well, this is where you come in!

You can simply help us speak to all of these highly interested people (through instagram messaging), and then get them scheduled in for a sales presentation with our US based sales team!

Why should you care??? 

Good question….

If you’re currently looking for a fun team to work with, an awesome company culture, and amazing growth potential. Then this is for you!

You will be helping an exciting, fast growing startup, filled with extremely talented entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and business owners accomplish our mission of becoming the best online training school in the world.

More importantly….

You will be part of a very selective group of high achieving, extremely intelligent, and motivated teammates based in Karachi, Pakistan.

We like to think of our team as a military “special forces”.

We are the top 1% of sales pro’s. We are the best of the best. 

And now you have a chance to join us (if you have what it takes).

You see… we don’t work with anyone.

Our team values performance, hunger to be the best, personal growth, learning high value skills, and having a true “winners” team culture.

Our whole team is positive, fun to work with, we’re located all over the world (in Pakistan, Bali, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Miami), and we love working on exciting challenges together!

We do NOT want anyone on our team who enjoys doing the “bare minimum”, is lazy, and okay with slowing down our team.

If that’s you, please do NOT apply.

However, if you’re driven, you’re motivated to be the best, you’re always hungry for growth, and you’re a quick learner, then keep reading…

Maybe you don’t have a ton of sales experience…

But, you DO have great energy, a great attitude, you love working with people, and you’re a reliable team player!

If that’s you – we can have a lot of fun together!

So who are we? and why would you even care?

We’re a fully-online business, meaning you can work 100% remotely.

Our entire team is built of young, healthy, and smart A-Players who value working for themselves, traveling, exploring, and having the freedom to be independent.

As part of this team, you’ll get constant training in Sales. You’ll be in charge of your own schedule, in charge of when/where/how you want to work, and you’ll be able to have the peace of mind knowing that you’re surrounded by a team who as driven for growth, improvement, and skill mastery as you are!

You’ll be able to earn over 200k+ per month as a full time inbound DM sales rep, and appointment setter!

The point is… we’re a fun company, and a fun team to work with. The only thing we ask for is – results. If you can deliver results, we won’t ask you for a thing.

Secondly, we’re also growing extremely fast. That means you can ride the wave with us, and grow extremely fast as well (we have seen many people 4X their income in 1 year while working with us). Fast growth means we will always have a ton of opportunity for you to take advantage of!

It’s up to you to take the opportunity into your own hands, and in order to do that you need drive, ambition, and confidence.

If this sounds exciting to you, then I urge you to fill out the application below to get in touch with our team, schedule an interview, and discuss the next steps!

See you there!

– Shahmir


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